Schnabel Engineering announced today the acquisition of JCK Underground, Inc., an industry recognized leader in tunnel engineering. This strategic merger of these respected engineering leaders will bring significant value to clients through the combined resources, expertise, and experiences of two firms that have a shared commitment to excellence. JCK joined Schnabel on September 30, 2023.

The merger of our two tunneling groups will result in an expanded depth of resources and a broader range of capabilities, while maintaining a collaborative and agile approach to projects that our clients have come to expect. Combining Schnabel and JCK better positions our team to adapt to the evolving needs of the tunnel engineering and construction industry while continuing to improve our service to clients.

“This merger creates a large and formidable team of tunneling experts that is backed by Schnabel’s legacy of engineering excellence.” Jennifer Jordan, President and CEO of JCK Underground stated. “We are truly excited about the breadth and agility this combination offers to the tunneling industry.”

The core of this merger is the shared vision to develop and foster strong relationships with clients. Schnabel and JCK understand that building trust and rapport promotes successful completion of complex underground projects and leads to long-term partnerships. Both firms have established themselves as trusted advisors, known for their ability to provide valuable advice and guidance at elevated levels.

“This merger is all about joining two groups of highly talented people together in one unified team,” said Walt Rabe, CEO at Schnabel. “This team of world-class tunnel experts will be capable of delivering even greater value and innovation to our collective projects.”