Washington, DC, September 6, 2016: Ryan Payne, a geotechnical engineer with extensive experience in soft ground tunneling and deep excavations, joins JCK in Washington, DC. Since 2009, Ryan has been supporting the DC Water Clean Rivers (DCCR) Project in various roles and capacities. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from The University of Maryland, and is also licensed in the State of Maryland.

Ryan has 8 years of experience in underground design and construction, much of which was gained on prior DC Water projects. On the Enhanced Nitrogen Removal Facility Project, he worked as a field engineer during the construction of a 1,400-foot-long, 60-foot-deep “bathtub” slurry wall in challenging and unstable soils. Thereafter he joined DC Water’s Construction Management (CM) team supervising construction of the 4.5-mile-long, 23-foot-diameter, EPB TBM driven Blue Plains Tunnel, where he oversaw the geotechnical instrumentation and TBM telemetry analysis for the Owner, and performed contract administration duties as the Assistant Resident Engineer (ARE). Currently Ryan is the ARE on the CM team supervising the CSO-021 Diversion Facilities Project under the DCCR Project. The CS0-021 Project includes a 24-foot-diameter, 90-foot-deep drop shaft and near surface diversion structures and is located on the grounds of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (KCPA). Ryan supervises the quality and progress of the work and must coordinate closely with Kennedy Center representatives to ensure the project is successfully completed concurrently with KCPA’s ongoing expansion.